Cargo Handling

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Cargo Handling

Soda Ash
General Cargo
Steel Product
Heavy Lifts Cargoes

As a provider of warehousing service, transportation and clearance agent, our focus is to handling cargo done by professional human resources using sophisticated equipment and the objective to meet customer satisfaction and to maintain the customer loyalty. To provide the most qualified service to customer is our satisfaction

Freight Forwarding
Tao Berlian Jaya is well-equipped to cater Ocean Freight services as well as specialised equipment requests. In addition, our on-forwarding and inter-island distribution capabilities provide an extensive transport network to connect the farthest corners of Indonesia to the world.

Supply Chain Management
As a leading logistics provider in Indonesia, we offer consultation, planning and implementation services as well as storage and distribution facilities within our local Supply Chain Management solutions. Expertise includes Reverse Logistics, Vendor-Management-Inventory and Order Management.
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